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Please join us. I want to connect with you. I am very excited to share the amazing world of energy healing and simple things you can do to enhance your life and heal.
— with love, Diane

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Being the Light
A Hands-On Healing Workshop

Los Angeles

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Learn to hold the highest light for another person in this intensive one day hands-on healing workshop.

Everyone will learn to do hands-on healing or deepen their healing practice. We will also explore how to transmute subtle energies to transform physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences. This will be a space for profound healing.

Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced healers. You will have the opportunity to both give and receive healings. Diane will be working with and holding light for everyone.

Space is limited. Registration Required.

Place: Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino

Time: 9:30 am–5 pm (with a one-hour lunch break)

Tuition: $200.


Register: email Diane.

For more Information please email Diane's assistant:
or Call: (323) 813-8593

Awakening Your Light Body

Awakening Your Light Body
A Transformative Workshop

Los Angeles

Starts November 2–3, 2019
Continues February 1–2, 2020

Would You Like To:
Be Clairvoyant?
Heal Yourself? And Others?
Bring Everything in Your Life to a More Radiant State?

This is an intensive, deeply transformational course. It has the potential to shift your understanding of how things work and your part in everything. You will expand your ability to perceive and work with subtle energies, heal yourself and learn to hold healing light for others. You will also learn how to transform dense energies and how to transmit harmony and healing to people, projects and situations, even at a distance. Your intuition and insight will dramatically deepen and your life will take on a higher flow. This course takes you to a new dimension.

Two weekends: $450 with early bird rate for first weekend till September 16; $450 with early bird rate for second weekend till December 10, 2019. $485 for each weekend after early bird dates.


If you would like to add your name to the list for future classes: Contact Diane

For more information email
Or call 323-813-8593

Radiance / Self Exciting
A Transformative Workshop Only for Light Body Grads

New York

April 2020

Learn to:
Place Radiance for Healing
Place Radiance into Projects Situations, Places
Expand Your Awareness & Insight
Work with the Building Blocks of Consciousness
Further Develop Your Clairvoyance

In my experience, in the same way that Light Body is a quantum leap from what we used to think of as “normal” reality, Radiance / Self Exciting is as much of a quantum leap from Light Body. It is more subtle, but the effects are more global, and happen at a more profound and fundamental level.

Radiance / Self Exciting is a doorway into a realm of light and harmony, of flow and peace, and states of mind beyond thought. Self Exciting is a state of being that allows you to create a flow in which “everything works.” It is a state of being energized and committed effortlessly. It is a state of being that, once accessed, is self-sustaining.

We will be learning new skills, and working with powerful frequencies of vision, precision, intensity, and clarity. In this course, you begin to work with and understand the building blocks of reality, how energy sets up, and creates.These skills are extremely beneficial in all contexts, and certainly for healing work.

Audio Courses — Coming Soon

Heal Your Money Issues
Get Out of Debt; Experience True Abundance

In this audio series, Diane will help you transform your relationship to money. You will learn to transform thoughts, emotions, beliefs and self-esteem. We will also work with the power of intention.

Tuition: $50


For more information email
Or call 323-813-8593

Heal Your Relationship Patterns

In this audio course, learn how to transform your relationship patterns. As you heal your relationships, you will also be healing yourself and changing your life. Diane will guide you in techniques for clearing emotions, thoughts, beliefs, self-esteem and difficult patterns. She will also explore the mystical purposes of relationships.

This course can be used to heal any relationship in your life.

Tuition: $35


For more information email
Or call 323-813-8593

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