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a blood disease

the power of illumination

I have facilitated many healings and I can safely say illumination brings transformation. The light generated in the healing turns on the light of awareness and understanding. That changes everything. The principle is amazingly simple and true. Sarah's case is just one of so many that illustrates this principle.

Sarah came to me for a session on the recommendation of one of her doctors. Her body hadn't been making platelets, the part of the blood that oversees clotting, for the last six years. It was a dangerous condition, and one that made her very tired. There was no medical explanation. She had been receiving transfusions every two weeks, just to keep her going.

What was causing Sarah's problem?

After chatting for just a few minutes, it became very clear: Suppressed anger. Sarah had described in vivid detail how she had felt repressed and controlled by her mother. But she herself had absolutely no conscious awareness of what she felt—even though her mother had passed several years earlier.

Energetically speaking, Sarah's problem was pretty simple. In order to suppress her anger, she had to suppress all of her "red" energy. Her body needed this energy to produce healthy blood cells.

As I laid hands on Sarah, I held the intention for her body to produce platelets. Almost immediately, her anger began to uncoil.

A few days after the healing, Sarah's platelet levels rose dramatically for the first time since she had fallen ill. At the same time, the anger released during the healing rose to consciousness. Sarah flew into a rage, which she directed at her doctors and fired most of them.

That was all the healing Sarah could handle at the moment. Some people can only handle a little illumination at a time. In such a case, we go step-by-step.  People must go at their own pace.

a tale of two coma patients

A few months ago, Sam's family asked me if I would go to the hospital to give him a hands-on healing. They were concerned he might soon be transitioning, but also hoped that something could be done to restore him to health.

Sam had gone to a hospital emergency room as a relatively healthy 68-year-old. But a minor infection became septic and a life-threatening infection ravaged his body. By the time the family called me, he had been in a coma for six weeks. While the infection had abated, his doctors discovered that Sam had suffered a severe stroke sometime during his battle. They predicted that he would be brain-dead, if he survived.

When I laid hands on Sam, I brought him into a very high energy state. When he was infused with light, I asked him, soul-to-soul, what he wanted. I expected him to convey that he wanted to pass as quickly as possible. But to my surprise, he told me that he very much wanted to live. As the healing continued, I held space for a high flow state that would awaken him. I could feel his limbs become energized and ready for sentient motion.

Fortunately for Sam, his family asked me to do a second healing. This time I could feel that he was rising to consciousness. In the days afterward, the family reported that he seemed more aware and had more moments where he opened his eyes. After the third healing, Sam woke up. Although he had paralysis on one side of his body, his personality and force of will and mind were all very much intact. The doctors and nurses considered Sam a miracle. Within ten days of returning to consciousness he was well enough to move to a convalescent home.

In one of those remarkable "coincidences" of the universe, while I was witnessing and assisting Sam in his recovery, I got a request from a family to do a healing for their 10-year-old daughter. She had been a healthy child until she developed uncontrollable seizures a few weeks earlier. By the time they brought her to the hospital, she was already slipping away. Doctors couldn't find any reason for her seizures. Nor could they stop them.

When I did the healing, I found her seizures to be quite violent, but I could sense that she was still present. I also detected some kind of infection—most likely a virus that had eluded detection—and started to work to clear it. I couldn't stop the seizures in that first healing and encouraged the family to try a few more healings. In the meantime, I went back into a healing state and was able to "ground" the seizures, thus pulling some of the energy from her head. I also felt, given time, energy could transmute the infection. That gave me hope that she could be helped. But the doctors had told the family that their little girl was already as good as gone. And they chose not to try another healing. The last I heard the girl is still in a coma.

I have deeply contemplated these two different outcomes: A person in his 60s who is mentally restored, and a 10-year-old child who is still lying in a coma. Is it fate? Is it karma? Could healings have saved the little girl? Did healings make all the difference for Sam?

I tend to think that Sam was probably never quite as brain damaged as doctors imagined. Still, I know the healings brought Sam out of his coma more quickly and easily, and perhaps more completely, than might otherwise have been the case. As for the little girl, I might wish the family had been willing to go against the odds. While I have had very good luck helping coma patients come back, it has always taken more than one healing. But I'll never know what healings might or might not have done for this child. Although I held her in my prayers, I could not continue to do healings that the family did not want. I had to respect the family's wishes for her medical care.

One thing I can say is that such experiences certainly keep a healer humble. We offer to serve, but in the end we are only servants to the higher forces and decrees.

all we need is love

“I take care of other people, but not myself,” Lorna told me. “I do everything for my dog, but then I’ll just eat cheese out of the refrigerator for dinner.”

I looked at Lorna as she sat across from me. She was striking: a vivacious, beautiful woman who should have been enjoying all that life has to offer.

As I began transmitting healing energy, I could feel an intense agitation in Lorna’s heart. I understood immediately that she was lonely, and afraid to relax enough to feel that loneliness. Lorna didn’t know how to love herself.

We all want love. But sometimes we don’t realize that love starts from within.

As a substitute for love Lorna kept herself busy. As a high-powered executive, she had traveled constantly for her job for years.

“I paid rent to house my furniture,” she joked with me. But it wasn’t really a joke. Now, she was in a job where she didn’t travel. Still, she did everything to make sure she wasn’t at home for very long.

As Lorna lay on my healing table, I invited her heart to unwind and relax. Lorna was not an especially spiritual person. But the energy guided me to look at Lorna’s inner altar—the place in the spiritual realm where she could worship her soul or a favored deity. I had never done this before in a healing or even imagined it could be done. But I always follow my guidance.

Before I knew it, I was facing Lorna’s altar. It was bare. It didn’t have a deity in place. As I ran energy to her heart, I invited her higher self to take its proper seat on her altar. Then I showed the part of her that had journeyed with me to these realms how to honor and worship her inner light.

I told Lorna the details of the healing. She took it in stride in her breezy way, without quite letting my words sink in. Nevertheless, because of the healing energy she left my office feeling high and happy.

I didn't see Lorna for a few months. But when she returned, she reported that, “After our session, I didn’t think the healing had done much of anything and I didn’t plan to come see you again. I even mentioned that to my mom.

"She said, ‘What do you mean? You’re doing better than I’ve ever seen.’ She pointed out to me that after ‘our session, I hosted five dinner parties. I hired a personal trainer and started working out. I lost two pant sizes. And I feel great. That’s all in the last two months.”

Within a year so much had changed internally for Lorna that she was engaged and is now happily married.

As Lorna’s experience shows, when we connect to Source, the spiritual light within, we can receive everything. Suddenly, everything in life feels right. Love is something within us. If we find it there, we will experience it everywhere.

Blessings to you. Worship your own inner Self. Enjoy the love of your own heart.

a tumor in the ear

Greg, a successful businessman, came to me for healing energy at the urging of a friend. A cat scan had revealed an ominous shadow in Greg’s left ear. This was of particular concern because a few years earlier, a tumor destroyed the nerve in Greg’s right ear, rendering him deaf in that ear. Doctors feared he was developing a new tumor; if so, he might lose his hearing altogether.

Greg didn't quite know what he was doing in a healer's office - except that he would do anything to save his hearing. He thought his tumor was just old-fashioned bad luck. My intuition told me otherwise. “Have you ever had any problems with your ears before the tumor?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “I’ve been a long-distance swimmer since I was a kid. I’ve always had ear infections.” To Greg, this just seemed to be expected. Not to me.

As I ran energy into Greg’s ears, I had a vision in which I saw him swimming in the ocean as a child, blissfully safe. The waves rocked him sweetly. The rays from the sun warmed him even though the water was cold. The water muffled all the other sounds of the world, creating a cocoon. I could tell that Greg was happy to be in his own world, free from the sound of other people.

I wondered: Who was it that Greg didn’t want to hear? The answer came in a flash: His father. Why? I asked. I saw, as if watching a movie, that Greg’s father had repeatedly lashed out at him.

Working with his energy, I helped Greg release the anger he had built up towards his father and dissolve his need to “turn a deaf ear.” I also opened up space for him to understand and forgive his father. Afterwards, I shared what happened during the session. “You’ve just described my childhood,” he said in amazement.

When Greg and I had another session a few weeks later he told me about the intense frustration and anger he felt when people didn’t listen to him at work, or worse, when they raged at him. Clearly, the emotional patterns from his childhood were shaping his life, and not in a beneficial way.

I helped him release the frustration and anger. I also shifted his energy so that he would be able to better listen to others. I knew that if he could listen, other people would naturally want to listen to him.

A few weeks later Greg had a follow-up cat scan. The shadow in his good ear was gone; his doctors gave him a clean bill of health.

Almost two years later I ran into Greg and his new wife. She casually mentioned that Greg had a two percent return of hearing in his damaged ear. “The doctors couldn’t believe it,” she told me.

Greg's situation is not unusual. So many times when a person comes to me with a problem, they have emotions that are gumming up their energy. When the person's emotions begin to flow, their entire life can change.

long distance healing

Traumatic Brain Injury

Neil, an 8-year-old boy, was lying in a coma in a hospital, barely hanging on when his neighbors, who are friends of mine, called to ask for my help. Neil had been playing hide and seek on the roof of their building. Somehow, he had tripped and fallen three stories to the pavement below. When the paramedics reached him, blood was leaking out of one ear.

Neil was so fragile that his doctors weren’t allowing anyone to see him except his parents. Fortunately, healing energy is not bound by time or space, doors or walls, or by hospital routines.

I went into a deep state, and connected with Neil soul to soul. When I reached him, Neil's psyche and energy field were seized up in panic and shock. I held him ever so gently in the highest, most soothing light. It took about two hours before he began to relax. But eventually he let his heart to come to rest in my heart. When his energy finally began to flow, I felt confident he would live.

Once Neil had calmed down, I gently turned my awareness to his brain. There was so much pain in his head that at the gentlest touch of energy, he panicked all over again. I had to work very gently and slowly to calm him down and add healing light to his head. Then I restructured the energy grid on which his brain cells grew. Very slowly the enormous pressure and pain in his head began to subside and with it, his panic.

I called my friends, Neil’s neighbors, and told them I felt Neil would begin to make a good recovery. In my experience the physical usually follows the energy. “He may be agitated on and off for awhile,” I warned because of the intense agitation I had to unwind.

In the next week, Neil was indeed extremely agitated as he began to emerge from his coma. His doctors responded by putting him into an induced coma to keep him as still as possible. Finally, after two weeks, he emerged from his coma. Soon, Neil was talking, laughing, smiling. Within a matter of weeks the hospital released him and, although still fragile, he went home.

I can’t say Neil’s miracle recovery was all because of the healing. But his suffering was greatly reduced. The healing calmed his energy field and created the flow needed for his body to do its job of healing itself.

The healing energy brought everything to a higher order, kind of like the difference between traveling over bumpy ground in an old bus or flying along a superhighway in a chauffeured limousine. Yes, it was all done at a physical distance. But Neil and I were so close as I worked with him that his heart was literally in my heart.


When Sarah, 28, came to me for a healing, she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for two years. According to her doctors, who had run every test possible, she had "unexplained" infertility.

As we talked, Sarah shared that her husband, Grant, was having misgivings about becoming a parent.

As I began to run energy for Sarah, I saw that Grant's issues with his own parents and his fear about losing his freedom were the main problems. As it turns out, very often in "unexplained" infertility—and many illnesses—there are often explanations if one can simply see the energy.

I began to work with Grant long distance during the session, and then to harmonize Sarah and Grant and support the energy for bringing in their child.

Sarah wrote me a few days later, "I left your office without 'expecting' anything, I arrived home and had a wonderful and deep sleep. The next morning I awoke feeling more calm and accepting of my situation than I had in months.. Grant and I talked. He said he did want a baby—just not with expensive doctors and high-tech procedures."

Within the month, Sarah and Grant were pregnant. "Quite a miracle and I suspect you have something to do with it," she wrote me. "It happened completely naturally, without procedures or drugs." Sarah and Grant experienced challenges as a couple, but nine months later they saw the birth of their child.

"I was surprised at how powerful it is. I had had healing energy before. This is different. I could feel it. And it's helped so much."

Patient with life-threatening infection, after long distance healing

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