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Everything is made of scintillating energy. Diane sees and works with these subtle energies. When energy blocks are dissolved, physical issues can heal, limiting emotions and beliefs melt away, and your life can then unfold in the highest possible way.

Diane helps people facing all kinds of physical and emotional issues and life challenges, including cancer, chronic illness, chronic and acute pain, surgery, trauma, anorexia and emotional. mental and spiritual challenges. She even works on the energy of business transactions. She sees adults, children and infants.

Fertility Healer

Diane, a late in life mom, also helps women get pregnant naturally and assists others using advanced reproductive technologies, even those who have failed many cycles of IVF. She also works with pregnant women, newborns, and helps women and couples with the many issues that can come up around ART.

how a healing session unfolds

Once Diane has gotten a sense of your situation, she will help you set an intention for the healing session. Then you lie down and relax while Diane runs energy into your body. She releases the underlying root causes of your challenges and creates a new more open flow and expanded consciousness.

Healings are very gentle. But the results can be dramatic. The new energy integrates over the course of a week to ten days. During this time you may have new insights and/or a physical shift. You may feel uplifted.

See case studies for more details.

long distance sessions

Long distance healing works in the same way except the conversation takes place by phone or skype. During the transmission, you and Diane get off the phone. Afterwards, you and Diane will reconnect to discuss. Diane will share any guidance she received for you. She will also let you know what you might expect as the healing unfolds.

Diane regularly works with people all over the United States and internationally.

For more information on long distance healing please read Diane’s article, “Healing At A Distance,” on Beliefnet.com, and “Distance Healing” in her October 2009 newsletter. You can also find more about distance healing in How People Heal and A Call To Heal.

healing sessions

Healing sessions are $200 for an hour. Longer sessions are also available. Diane’s main healing office is located in Santa Monica, California. She also travels to New York and the Hamptons in November, and every spring and summer.

gift certificates - $25 and up

Gift certificates are available in denominations of $25. They can be mailed to you or directly your gift recipient. They can also be emailed.

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Diane’s Travel Dates — November 2017

Manhattan and Wainscott, The Hamptons
July 14-July 26

"It was just like a session in person. I couldn't believe it."

Financial Executive, first long distance healing

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