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Holding the Light in Anxious Times

I have been monitoring Hurricane Dorian and its aftermath closely as I have friends who live in the Bahamas and I have spent time on Grand Bahama Island over the years.

At first I was feeling all the distress that is “normal,” but just the other morning I went into a very deep state. I was focusing on frequencies of harmony and soon my energy was expanding and flowing with beautiful waves of harmony, love and joy. “Who could use this light?” I wondered.

Immediately, I brought the Bahamas and its people into my energy field and let the light of harmony, peace and joy flow through everything. I knew this would help infinitely more than anxiety. Of course, we can send money and other types of support. But sending light is also very important.

Indeed, we can always be holding the highest light and transmitting that light to others who might be in a challenging situation. It is the exact opposite of what most of us do. When we are confronted with a difficulty for ourselves or another, we tend to spiral down. But the magic happens when we spiral up and bring others into the upward spiral of flow, illumination, love and harmony. You can be the master holding the light. I hope you will try it and make it part of your consciousness and regular practice.

This can be applied to group situations such as upsetting politics, gun violence, and natural disasters. It is also just as useful a practice on an individual scale when someone we love is going through a hard time. I had a client, Paul, who was a very devoted grandfather. But his oldest grandson sometimes got into trouble. Paul worried endlessly about this grandson. I knew it was detrimental to the teen to be receiving these negative vibrations. So I taught Paul to send love and harmony, rather than worry or anxiety.

Every energy we hold for someone affects them, whether we or they are conscious of it or not. If we transmit anxiety to someone who is in trouble, they may start to feel more anxious.

But if we hold a higher light, one of joy, flow and harmony, we can help to uplift them. When someone is in a higher state, or even just feels waves of love, they are more hopeful and can make better decisions. They move into the upward flow of life, instead of spiraling down.

So remember, always stay in the highest flow and then hold others in that high light.

Being the Light


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