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Putting Stress in Its Place

Diane and Allison talk about life, death, healing and all kinds of things psychic.

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10 Energy Healers Offering Remote Sessions

A spiritual check-in might include releasing old energy, realigning with your purpose, or just taking a beat to be instead of do. If you’re in need of some spiritual support: Many of our favorite intuitives and energy healers are currently offering distant sessions by phone. And there’s no need to worry that you’re getting a truncated version […]

November 2019 Newsletter

Sometimes, you just need to pause and integrate. Take time off; find out what you are really feeling and thinking. Get in touch with your true Self. Read more about this essential practice in Healing 101: Take Time Off, Go Inside. Here’s a link to the newsletter:

For Yinova

Your Energy is the Key to Everything. Here’s a great article I wrote for @yinova center. Your #Energy is the #key. Hope you enjoy.

Your Subtle Energy Is the Essence of Who You Are

Your subtle energy is who you really are. Connect to yourself at this level and you will change your life. Read more in my latest book, Yes, You Can Heal. Plus when you send me your purchase receipt, I’ll send you my webinar — 5 Ways to Add Light to Your Life — as a […]

Being the Light


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