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I Use Invisible Energy to Solve People’s Money Problems

In my 20 years as an energy healer, I’ve learned that a person’s experiences with money can be a pathway to healing and transformation.

My work involves managing the energies inside us underlying the physical reality we see. These energies include everything about us that isn’t physical, including chi or physical vitality, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, intentions and even, yes, spiritual light. Such energies may be intangible to most people — but they deeply affect the physical realm, including our bodies.

While scientists can only speculate about exactly how these energies work, there are double blind studies of healing that, I believe, demonstrate statistically significant results. (I write about these studies in my book How People Heal.)

When I practice healing, I use my energy to shift another person’s energy by dissolving negative thoughts, stuck emotions, or limiting beliefs. The goal is to help a person achieve more ease, grace, and inner peace. Most often I deal with serious health or life issues.

But sometimes the issue involves money.

The first person to ask me for help with a money issue was the friend of a friend. Tom had been working for a commercial real estate firm, but this was his first chance to be a player in the big leagues. He was trying to put together a real estate deal in Manhattan to purchase a commercial building. No matter what he did, the deal kept falling apart. He had all the investors lined up. But the banks wouldn’t lend Tom and his group the rest of the money.

Tom was not necessarily a believer in healing, but he was eager to shift the situation, so he was willing to try. It might seem odd to talk about healing a business deal, but really the goal was to heal Tom.

As I began working with his energy, I saw that he was very anxious about his relationship with his wife. Tom was worried he wasn’t making enough money to make her happy. It was clear to me that this anxiety was stalling the deal.

Holding very high frequencies of spiritual light that I have developed in meditation and other practices, I worked with Tom’s anxiety, transmuting it into a calm, optimistic, even blissful energy. I also gave him the inner knowledge that he was a wonderful, loving, devoted husband who deserved his wife’s love, no matter what. By the time I finished, the energy for the deal seemed clear and bright. The anxiety that had been clouding it was gone.

Within a week or so after the healing, Tom’s group received the loan they needed to close. A few years later, when they sold the building, I learned that all the partners made a handsome return on their money.

Since then, I have worked on other financial problems. More than a few involved real estate deals. In one situation, my client, Cynthia, had dissolved a marketing business. The business had occupied a wonderful house in a prime real estate area. But no matter what Cynthia and her former business partner did, the house wouldn’t sell.

I did a healing for Cynthia. Working long distance, I went into a deep state, entering a soul dimension where there is no time or space. You could call it a soul plane. Or if you are more scientifically oriented, you might think of it as the quantum domain. I literally merged with Cynthia’s energy. She later told me that she “felt” me although I was in California and she was on the East Coast.

I felt the anger between Cynthia and her partner weighing on Cynthia’s heart. The anger permeated the house and was repelling potential buyers. The buyers would walk into the house and, without knowing why, be turned off by the energy. I held very high frequencies to transform the anger between the partners into gratitude and appreciation. Then, working with the house in the same way I had worked with Cynthia, I placed light throughout to bring a good, loving feeling into it. Almost immediately, the house sold.

In a third case, a couple was trying to sell a beautiful house. But again, they weren’t getting any buyers. When I did a long distance healing on the couple and the house, I saw that the husband was still very attached to the house, even though they really needed to sell. His energy was holding up a deal. Nobody who came to see the house wanted to take it away from him.

Potential buyers didn’t know what they were feeling. They just sensed that the house wasn’t really available. It translated into a lack of interest in the house.

During the healing, I helped the husband make peace with letting go of the house, and focus on moving on in his life. Again, after the healing, the house sold quickly, for a good price.

I have also helped people resolve complex partnership issues, divorce settlements and long-term debt.

In one situation I helped a man who had been carrying credit debt for nearly two decades. With the high interest rates, he had probably paid many times the original expenses, yet still hadn’t put a dent in the debt. Now he could see retirement looming ahead. I released the shame that was holding the debt in place and added spiritual light to shift his consciousness around money. A few weeks later, he refinanced the family house, rolling the debt into one loan with a very low interest rate. He felt a huge burden lift from his life.

You may be skeptical of energy healing. I certainly was when I first investigated energy healing as a journalist. So I know these experiences can be dismissed as lucky coincidences. But the energy almost always clears obstacles and helps people move forward, sometimes in dramatic ways. Indeed, I eventually became a healer in part because I saw how much the energies could help people.

From these and many other experiences, including more than a few in my own life, I have learned that money issues really aren’t any different from health or love issues. These issues impact our lives profoundly, and often affect our loved ones as well. When you heal the underlying issues, you experience a higher flow in your life. This is great news, because we all want harmony with every element of our lives, including money.

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